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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

 Last night, I failed to clean my cutting board after slicing up an orange I had for dessert. Later, a little peckish, I chopped up an ingredient that just appeared at this week Farmers Market -- a lovely diakon.

Wait, orange juice on the peppery Asian Radish? It tasted brilliant, a little sweet, a little hot. The taste was similar to the time I coated a pork tenderloin with a mixture of orange marmalade and horseradish. (P.S.: Awesome.)

So now I'm saving the diakon for the weekend and plan to make a "carpaccio" with orange vinaigrette. 

You want to know about food? Ask a fat man.

The haul at Monday's Market was nice -- daikon, green onions, green and yellow zucchini. No greens this week but that's fine.

I've already written about the daikon. I'm going to use the onions and zucchini in a zucchini, goat's milk frittata.

Some years ago, I felt too busy and always promised to avail myself of fresh produce. No more. I go every Monday, find the best weekly veg and cook away. And eat.

This is all part of me climbing out of the whole, treating myself better and doing it in style.

Peace unto Ukraine and peace and veg unto you my brothers and sisters.


  1. You're a gifted writer with interesting perspectives on otherwise routine experiences. You seem kindhearted, and I'll bet your daughter is proud of you. I plan to read more of your posts in the future, and I hope your novel touches millions while earning you the same. Then I'll say, "Oh, I knew his stuff long ago."

    1. (You mentioned a daughter in a different post. Sorry, my old eyes miss details sometimes.)

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