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Friday, March 10, 2023

 I did not want to blog my mom's death.

But I promised nearly three years ago (and 399 posts) that I would write truth, even if painful.

Well, it was painful. Despite how busy the day might be, I found time to think and write and hit send. This meant I left family members to final meetings, I ignored my most awesome Kid a couple of nights and I wrote in public places, in the words of country singer Red Sovine, when "tears was streaming down my face."

The support from readers has warmed me.

It's natural for friends and family to do so and many times over the last weeks folks have taken me into their arms, ugly crying and on more than one occasion leaving some snot on a shoulder.

Readers, many are friends in the blogosphere only but you've been there for me, so thank you.

I'm exhausted at the end of this week, perhaps as tired as I've ever been. I worked straight for three months, more or less, I helped cover the American Birkebeiner at below zero. Then a chest cold for two weeks. The mom dies.

Man, I'm exhausted.

But I did want to mention one note on Venmo meaningful to me now and well into the future as I continue my blogging adventure.

An old friend, Sarah Mattot, with whom I worked at McDonald's in Chippewa Falls 35 years ago, wrote this: "Keep blogging Rich. Your stories always keep me reading to the last line. Sometimes triggering a memory or just imaging you living through the narrative. Thinking of you as you head back to Chippewa."

Thank you, Sarah. I'll keep blogging. And thank you for reading until the last line.

Peace unto Ukraine and peace and support unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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