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Monday, February 20, 2023

So I hit 300,000 pageviews and then I don't write anything for a week?

That's bad blogging.

I've been working much lately, particularly on some special sections and a magazine we put out in conjunction with the upcoming American Birkebeiner.

The who what?

That's an annual ski event that brings in more than 10,000 cross-country skiers who then make their way through hill and dale for 50 kilometers. (My metrics translator tells me 50 kilometers is "too far." I don't even like to drive that much.) In addition to the number of skiers, it's estimated that each skier brings two people to view the race.

That's 30,000 people in our little hamlet of 2,500, thus creating extra work for our small newspaper staff.

I'm still also taking photos at local high school games as my co-worker recovers from a horrible car crash in December. 

The other night I photographed two hockey matches, the girls team first and then the boys team. Both killed their playoff opponents. We like our hockey here and have had long success with both genders.

Last weekend, though, I had two days off in a row as my colleagues recognized my burnout and I made them delightfully lazy, reading, writing and cooking. Nice downtime.

And as this is kind of a catch-up post, I'll add that I've set up a Venmo account so people can -- if they wish -- send me a little money for the time I've spent blogging over past couple of years. I never imagined I'd still be here or I would have done that early on. (I refuse to use the word "monetize" because it was a cliche in one of my old newspaper companies.)

But if you're interested in supporting the blog, connect with me on Venmo at @Rich-Jackson-15.

This work -- I'm filing my 390th post -- has taken time and it would be nice to receive compensation, even if meager, for it. Thanks in advance.

Peace unto the Ukraine and peace unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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  1. I am from Singapore. I can't find you on Venmo @rich-jackson-15. can you put a more international mode of payment? thank you. Soh