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Friday, January 20, 2023


Mom is stable and not so restless.

Kid has returned home -- with memories of a spectacular visit along with great food and a litany of drinks. (My new autobiography title.)

Colleague has returned to work after a horrific car accident five weeks ago.

I remain upright and breathing. (Maybe that's the better autobiography title.)

And it's 20 days into 2023 when I want to do better blogging on a more regular basis.

One thing right now is the weather. Friends encouraged me to move home almost two years ago and I remembered my upbringing fondly has just being a few times of difficulty during the winter in the Wisconsin Nort'woods.

This year has had one winter event after another. If it's not snowing 18 inches, then it's 30 degrees below zero. Looking forward to the warm-up? Then it will snow another 10 inches. Cool down? Well then be aware of your genitalia freezing to the naugahyde of the car's front seat. (Actually, best new title for an autobiography is "Nuts on Naugahyde.")

But nice things intervene.

I failed to mention a couple of weeks ago that regular blog reader Bertha, who occasionally sent money during my difficult times -- always $27 -- mailed me $31. Twenty seven was for my friends who lost their home to a fire. My friend, whom I accompanied to the tragedy, hugged me when I presented her $27. Then there was a $2 bill for me and one for Kid for good luck.

Another friend has started watching out for my driveway, plowing when needed during this winter that makes woman strong and men weep.

Still another pranked me with an obscene snowman on my deck -- looking straight through my picture window -- that has brought much laughter to friends and I imagine chagrin to my landlords. 

Life with struggles doesn't occur without bright spots of love and laughter and no little amount of liquor here in the Nort'woods.

In betwixt the storms, we must enjoy the sunshine

Sorry, that's too Hallmark. At least for me.

Endure the difficulties. Then have a couple drinks.

Peace unto Ukraine and peace and a couple drinks unto each of you my brothers and sisters.


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