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Monday, March 14, 2022



I love my hotel room here in the Northwoods.

First, in order to enter, I have this thing called a "room key" that's actually a key.

I enjoy that here in the Northwoods. If the key works, has worked, will work, why change?

The second photo is of a pheasant -- I believe it has passed -- whom I've named Fred Funk because I believe his business card simply read "Fred Funk, pheasant." Said card did not include a phone number because I don't think he had a phone.

There there's Joe Buck -- no not the football analyst -- a local fellow who, as he aged, slowed somewhat. Thus the mounting.

These two hang over my bed in my neatly appointed and hyper clean room. I've found in my travels over these last year I don't need much other than my traveling bag, my electronic equipment and some rot gut gin to be happy.

I still can't turn on the TV because I'm the least capable adult in the world. I haven't had an operating TV for half a decade and am debating whether I should change that once I move into my new place.

In the bathroom, I have a place to clean myself so my colleagues have less to complain about. The room has one of those multi-dispensers for soap, conditioner and shampoo. I don't even have to buy those and I like the environmentally friendly nature of it.

I get some takeout but I also have a fridge and microwave for the minimal chef in me while also cutting down on costs. A box of the finest cardboard vino sits next to the rotgut for the sophisticate in my.

I'm catching up on reading a couple of books on my iPad, the first being "Extra Life" about how society has largely doubled life expectancy in the last 100 years. The two biggest factors? Vaccinations and municipal water systems. Pasteurization comes in a close third.

The other book is "The Dawn of Everything," which talks about how societies organized before hunter/gatherers settled in around 10,000 BCE.

When, after a day of reading and writing at work and I need downtime? Netflex, Hulu, Amazon provide me whatever I want to watch. I'm watching a great Kurt Vonnegut documentary these last two days. I tend toward documentaries so I'm looking for something to binge watch while I wait for "Only Murders in the Building."

In the context of today's world, I remain a lucky man.

Peace to Ukraine and peace to you my brothers and sisters.


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  2. I really like how your perpetual spammer adds copyright protection to their spam. The notion that someone might rip off the spam is impressive.

    I hope you settle soon in the duplex. In the meantime, it sounds like a great throwback place you’ve got there.

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