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Friday, January 14, 2022

I have too much crap.

This I realize as I'm fully engaged in a slow unpacking process.

"What the hell is this?

"Oh, this other thing is cool.

"Now where do I put it?"

The forced minimalism of the past couple years has affected me. I never wanted to be a "stuff" kind of person, holding on to only those items I valued. Well, that turns out to have been too much.

Especially books. When I was in eighth grade, I started a library in my bedroom. I asked for a book case for Christmas and a gift certificate to Waldenbooks. Remember that store? Yes, I am that many years old.

The eighth-grade library of six books was underwhelming but eventually grew to full rooms at several of the homes I owned or apartments I rented. At one house, it was the entire second floor, which housed not just the books but my antique typewriter collection. My wife was quite gracious about my peculiarities. 

In addition to any writing-related addictions, I have a problem with cooking gadgets, plates and anything that produces or holds a consumable. For instance, I never purchased one of the electric devices that makes spiral veggies -- I sniff at such a thing -- but I do have a manual spiralizer. Never used.

I have two, not one, but two potato ricers. One is a standard size while the other has different ricing plates. Used once between the two because I've come to enjoy mashed potatoes with some chunks and then broiled. 

So the process of unpacking is culling what I don't need or want, all of which will be given to the free store on the reservation next to me. 

And it's become a nice little jaunt through the history of my consumerism.

I'm always reminded of the story of the Buddha who suggested to a group of students all they needed was a tea cup and a rice pot as property. "What if you have visitors?" a student asked. "Well, they will bring their tea cup and rice pot," he answered.

Well I ain't no Buddha, even if I'm shaped like him. I enjoy some creature comforts, gadgets and the occasional pen. Or 500 pens. Hi, my name is Rich. I have a pen problem.

Peace and less stuff unto you my brothers and sisters.


  1. Waldenbooks was my bookstore! Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with continuous blessings!

  2. Ah yes... Waldenbooks...I remember it fondly, but let's not forget the Little Professor Book Store in the old Shopko Plasa