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Saturday, November 20, 2021

 Flexibility is important.

As I moved to another hotel room this last week, it occurred to me I've slept -- by my account -- at least 15 different beds in the last two years. That's not normal for me. I like consistency and patterns in my life.

I guess I'm lucky in that I can  sleep wherever I lay my huge head.

And it's a big head. The main reason I don't wear baseball hats like every American man covering hair loss is I can't find one that fits. Every single hat looks strained to the point of exploding from my head. 

I once went to a mall in Dayton, Ohio, which had five different hat stores and was ultimately told I should seek out special hat needs online.

But it's the sleep.

If you give me a mattress or a futon, I'm down and out.

When my daughter came to visit me in June, all I had for her was a mattress on her floor and I slept on a mattress on my floor. I told her we were going to play "Guantanamo" for some nights.

Well that's partly because I've slept in beds in the Bloomington newspaper, some cheap motels, other places where I interviewed, a cabin, more cheap motels, temporary stays before my house, two different mattresses on the floor at the house and yet another short-term hotel stay.

And I'm OK.

More so, I'm appreciative.

Difficult circumstances have help me appreciate blessings even more.

Tomorrow will always be better.

Peace and huge pillow for your massive head unto you my brothers and sisters.

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