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Friday, September 17, 2021

 The card reader said, "Insufficient funds."

I nearly hyperventilated.

There I stood again -- with nothing.

Wednesday was payday, so I stopped at the grocery store Thursday to pick up some items for my famous zucchini-goat cheese frittata. Recipe will follow at the end. At the Monday farmers market, I picked up some nice zucchini and fresh basil -- all I needed were an onion, roasted red pepper and eggs to make the frittata.

How did I not have enough money for a handful of items?

There was no way I blew my paycheck in a day. 

I went to the ATM at my bank, which said I had $10 in checking. It wouldn't let me check savings. And my e-banking program wouldn't let me in.

I must have been hacked. All the money was gone as I've tried to rebuild my life. That's been more than a little difficult has I've had $3,000 in car expenses since moving here.

All those feelings from the last 18 months returned. Desperation. Embarrassment. Wondering what the hell am I going to do.

I couldn't eat last night but I certainly had a couple drinks so I could get some sleep.

This morning I went to the bank as soon as it opened. There had to be a logical reason for what happened to the money, even if it was simply hacking.

It took some time and it turned out to be a bank error. I have money. They explained to me what happened with e-banking -- stupid passwords changing every six months and being kicked out of the system -- and hooked me up again.

I returned to the store to pick up the items I had to leave the embarrassing night before.

Those bad feelings dissipated.

I can breathe.

Peace and breath unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

Zucchini and goat cheese frittata.

1/4 of one yellow onion diced.

1 medium zucchini, cut lengthwise and then sliced into half moons

1 fire-roasted red pepper (I used jarred) diced.

4 or so leaves of fresh basil julienned.

6 eggs beaten.

4 ounces of plain goat cheese crumbled.

Salt and pepper for the eggs.

I prepare all the ingredients beforehand. And set oven to broil for finish. This needs a 10- to 12-inch fry pan with a metal handle for broiling.

Soften the onions for four or five minutes on the stove top at medium heat. Add the zucchini until soft. Add the roast red peppers and basil until the latter is fragrant. Add a pinch of salt for each egg and a grind of fresh pepper for each egg. Pour eggs into the mixture and let them set. As the eggs start to cook around the edges, sprinkle the crumbled goat cheese evenly across the top. Cook for a couple minutes longer and then set under the broiler to cook the top of the frittata. Two to three minutes.

Enjoy with decent toast.


  1. That was terrible! I would have been beside myself. I was sheltered but homeless about 30 years ago, pregnant with my fifth kid and newly separated. It all got better. I hope your situation continues to improve too.

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