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Friday, June 11, 2021

Dad for a week exhausted me and enlightened me.

It's also a good name for a sitcom starring Kevin James, which Leah Remini will then join after some other attractive brunette character is killed off. 


"Dad for a week, dad for a week;

No matter what he's not at his peak.

He stumbles, he bumbles, he fumbles about;

Through it all Leah Remini will hear him out."

My kid has surpassed me in intellect -- I don't set a high bar. Composure -- I don't know what that means. Kindness -- you go to hell.

All week long, I mispronounced "hegemony," asked her to define her terms and then sought links so I could study what she already knew.

It's a helluva relationship where I've tried to model good behavior for her nigh these 20 years of her life and now she inspires me to do the same. 

I also realize I must be better at taking care of myself as I want to be around for her successes and help if a can during her challenges. It's helped that I've lost about 20 pounds lately, despite being hobbled by knee issues. And that will get better.

We do have a deal that if and when I reach age 80, I can then do whatever I want.

That's good family -- agreeing to a point of planned obsolescence. I will increase drinking, take up smoking and pal around with reckless drivers. Good times.

But it says something of love, a phrase we sons of the Wisconsin Nort'woods only use for Packers quarterbacks.

She makes me want to be better.

Peace and incremental improvement and sunshine unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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  1. Happy the Kid's visit exceeded your expectations. I'm wore out just reading about the good times. I must admire her cajones in pursing a career in showbusiness. She will need you often as a paying, sustainable career in the arts is the toughest of all rows to hoe.

    I was at the same crossroads with my grandsons. The youngest aspired to be an actor, with 16 years' of lead roles in community productions under his belt. The other, a musician, displaying protean genius in musical instrument mastery and musical composition. The sum total of both their experiences equals nothing in LA, Nashville or New York. So I suggested that one study business, the other - science. They actually heeded my advice, and are both doing spectacularly well. Their long-term plan is to pursue the arts as a side gig or after they are independently wealthy.