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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

I'm genuinely tired tonight.

I'm the Lily von Schtupp of newspaper editors. I'm pooped.

That's a good feeling.

We put out our newspaper Tuesday and that's a full, intense day. Today, I put out my first special section, one on impaired driving (we came out as against) and helped edit copy for a sister newspaper in Ashland. I dealt with newspaper delivery issues, helped a correspondent fill out an invoice and worked on a dozen other office issues.

But I like work.

The worst part of going to a new newspaper for me is feeling I've not contributed enough. I actually have anxiety about it. (I also have anxiety about not being anxious enough.)

I missed working for nine months and I'm going to wallow in my fatigue.

Tonight, as I write, I'll have a couple gin and tonics, some takeout food as I don't have my cooking equipment, and sleep fully and hard.

Life is good and oddly normal as I reacquaint myself with the working life.

Peace and deep sleep unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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